Simply the most advanced Dispatching system of the 21st Century

From this one screen, you can quickly dispatch your all personnel. Dispatch events found on the dispatch board contain all of the detailed information necessary to complete the service order. More over if you need any additional information about any Load – no problem it is just one click away.
  • Any Place Access enables you to manage your vehicles from any location
  • Simple, Easy to Use, No Training Required
  • Monitor each vehicle/load status
  • Access all paperwork online and download confirmation, BOL or POD
  • Communicate with or send messages to drivers for free

Visual effectiveness and top functionality

Visual effectiveness and top functionality ensure that all the day to day tasks are completed on time and with zero errors. Our top design and functionality brings you savings in time when it is most valuable.
  • Load and Contact management that keep you organized
  • Predictive Data entry that saves you valuable time
  • Load Calculator will calculate each load profitability and net profit
  • HOS warning will alert you in real time if some of your drivers is making violation
  • Per mile load profitability instant data

Roadmiral Dispatch board Improves operations

Roadmiral Dispatch board Improves operations, productivity and the fast, effective decisions that can reduce decision making times by more than 30 per cent and lower wrong decisions by 40 per cent.
  • Automatic Invoicing will create Invoice for each delivered Load
  • Each time your Load is delivered you will receive POD
  • Real time Shipment tracking will allow you to have customer support like the biggest companies
  • Allow clients to download POD’s online without calling you to deliver
  • Speed up the cashflow with all processes being automated
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