E-Log Book + DVIR

Roadmiral E-Log Books + DVIR manages hours of service for truck drivers by combining necessary data with driver status from the mobile application. Drivers simply log into the mobile app and start driving while hours are tracked.
  • Mobile App for managing E-Log Books and DVIR
  • iOS and Android mobile platforms supported
  • Easy to use with smart touch technology to improve user experience
  • Canadian and US Duty Cycles supported
  • Create, sign, save or send DVIR to your smartphone

Turn any smartphone into powerful E-Log Book managing tool

You can eliminate the cost of paper inspections, stay compliant with inspection regulations and save up to 20 minutes per day per driver.
  • Roadside Inspection view mode for Police Inspections on the road
  • Easy edit or change the Driver Logs in case of mistakes
  • Automatically enter your location into the Driver Log
  • Drivers will receive instant alert in case they are about to make a violation
  • Stay compliant with AOBRD 395.15 requirements

Reduce Drivers Resistance

Reduce Driver Resistance and Show drivers that e-logs aren’t the Big Bad Wolf.
  • For starters, adopt an e-log solution that’s easy to use and improves the work life of your drivers
  • In case of drivers mistakes or violations receive instant Alerts on your WEB dashboard
  • Edit drivers Log Book from your office and the edited versions will be automatically transfered to driver smartphone
  • Drivers get more time to rest and saves additional 20 minutes per day.
  • User Friendly Mobile App with smat touch technology eliminates mistakes.