How it Works

All you need is Roadmiral any Computer or a tablet and a Smart phone. This unique Roadmiral approach creates a smart company environment and allows companies to optimize workflow and reduce resources required to run the company by reducing time and cost at the same time.
  • Make you trucks smarter with smart built in technology and know what they know.
  • Turn your drivers into real time reporting staff and receive information and scanned documents in a fraction of a second.
  • Office staff with Roadmiral will improve efficiency and fast decision making.
  • Virtual Cloud Computing Environment – No Servers, Servers Cost, Maintaining.
  • All development and upgrades free of charge and included in package.

Smart Office any Place You Go!

Start working on your laptop in the office, continue on your phone and when you get back home review everything on your tablet! With it’s responsive design and cloud technology Roadmiral works on every Internet connected device!
  • Entire company can be controlled or work from home or any place in the world.
  • Dispatching department can communicate and control the trucks remotely from any place.
  • You only pay what you use and how much you use. If you remove truck from your fleet – pay less.
  • Shipment tracking – your clients can download POD and Load Info without calling you.
  • Easy Invoicing! Your Load Invoices are created automatically – just one click to print.

Smart Drivers powered by Mobile Technology.

Upgrade your company drivers with Roadmiral mobile App and make them real time information providers. Instantly receive messages, POD’s , Expense reports or Log Book status.
  • Receive POD’s instantly Load is delivered.
  • Send or receive messages to your drivers for free.
  • E-Log Book feature let’s drivers manage Log Book easily and if they make mistake you can correct it from the office.
  • iOS and Android versions supported with smart touch technology for easy using.
  • IFTA reporting created automatically and all miler recorded automatically.